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Second Sat. Night
Sing Locations Listed
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                                                       Monthly Locations 
                             The Second Saturday Night Sing

                                                                              (All Sings Start At 7:00 pm)
January                                                            July
Calvary Tabernacle PFWB Church                                    Union Grove Baptist Church
6570 High House Rd.                                                            395 Vander Rd. 
Salemburg, NC., 28385                                                        Salemburg NC 28385

Feburary                                                         August
Zoar PFWB Church                                                               Elizabeth Baptist Church
Zoar Church Rd                                                                      481 Fleet Cooper Rd.
Salemburg, NC. 28385                                                         Roseboro, NC 28382

March                                                              September
Mt. Zion PFWB Church                                                          Baptist Chapel Church
8596 Fayetteville Hwy.                                                          2256 Baptist Chapel Rd.
Godwin, NC 28344                                                                  Autryville, NC 28318 

April                                                                 October
Corinth FWB Church                                                            Shady Grove OFWB Church
311 Centeneal Lane                                                             7605 Newton Grove Hwy.
Dunn, NC 28334                                                                     Dunn, NC 28334

May                                                                  November
Stoney Run PFWB Church                                                  Smyrna OFWB Church
12481 Harnett Dunn Hwy.                                                   Route # 6
Dunn, NC 28334                                                                     Benson, NC 27504

June                                                                 December 
Mintz Baptist Church                                                           Christmas 
3761 Old Mintz Hwy.                                                            Vacation
Roseboro, NC 28382

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